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OS Support: Windows 7 / 8 / Vista / XP / 2000
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Last Updated: 05/06/2013

Top Features

100% Free!
Make your own 3D world
Make new buddies having fun with countless players around the world
Roblox is rated #1 in the United States for overall engagement time in the the 8 to 14 year old segment, and it is rapidly expanding in level of popularity amongst players aged 15+


Roblox is a totally free user-generated gaming website which makes gamers the architects of their own virtual worlds. You are provided with many different items, a scripting development language plus a web-site to host your game titles for other people to relax and play. Together with your cost-free account, you get a character as well as a place. You can customize your spot and character as you desire and stop by anyone else's place too.
How to Install
1. Click the "Download Now" Button
2. Download the ROBLOX Installer to your PC
3. Run the installer & follow the on-screen instructions
This ROBLOX is a very addictive. I've played many other free games but this this one in particular is by far my favorite.
Roblox is a great program to use. Fast, reliable download of Roblox. Thanks! Highly recommended download!
I am always cautious when downloading programs from the internet, but I have tested this download and it is 100% FREE.

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